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Futuristic aquatic bike
As we know, there are innumerable types of water bikes and most of them are made with buoys that prevent their sinking holding them almost entirely out of the water. This solution, however, limits its stability and it considerably reduces its therapeutic effects considering that the inferior limbs of the driver don’t benefit from the salutary hydrodynamic massage that they would normally have if they worked completely immersed. Luckily, thanks to Mr. Giovanni Annarumma, these disagreeable incidents will be definitively resolved considering that he has attended to plan and subsequently to patent a revolutionary craft with unique characteristics. Such manufactured item, as shown on the pictures, allows to have all these advantages in a simple and efficient way. The mean, to be floating, makes use of four floats with varying inclination, that are suitably placed to its top, while the propeller group can be directed in various directions through the handlebar so that to make the system extremely easy to move allowing to use it, without problems, also in recreational area and even sporting zone. The introduced found results of easy realization considering that constructive systems already in use and thanks to its easy-design, you can save on the sale price specially if it is produced in China or Romania where the manpower is decidedly cheap. If therefore you are interested to this Futuristic aquatic bike and if you desire to receive some more detailed information, call us at the telephone numbers at the end of the page or write us using the appropriate ELECTRONIC FORM. The inventor, to demonstrative purpose, has realized a VIRTUAL ANIMATION of the invention to show to eventual purchaser companies, that they will be able therefore to test its exceptional potentialities. Finally we remember the navigators, that all the published inventions of this site are patented. Any partial or total plagiarism of the things or objects that are reproduced in photos or drawings, will come, according to the law, pursued both in Italy and in all the foreign states. The text is instead protected by copyright which prohibits its total or partial reproduction.
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