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Special dispenser for shampoo and similar
As we all know the liquid cosmetics such as shampoo, shower gel, etc., are generally marketed packed in appropriate containers. These containers, in most cases, have dispensers through which the user can withdraw the product, but these specific functions, often lead to a waste of material (and money) without considering that these beauty products, to obtain a optimum yield sometimes be mixed with other essences complicating no small operation. Fortunately, thanks to Mr. Giovanni Carlevarini, these problems will finally be solved. The invention presented concerns in fact a particular bottle, divided by an inner wall, which effectively creates two separate containers. The first contains the substances described above cited ready to be used, in accordance with the same may be blended with other components (including water) before use so as to simplify all subsequent interventions. The creator, seeks partnership (partner, company, bidder) for any production and/or sales on a global scale of this useful accessory which, thanks to its simple construction, can be built either with one or more buttons. So if you're interested in this ingenious device and wish to receive more detailed information, please contact us at our telephone numbers listed at the end of the page or write to us using the appropriate ELECTRONIC FORM. The inventor, for demonstration purposes, it has provided to achieve the fully functional prototypes to show to potential buyers companies, so that they can intuit its exceptional potential. For navigators notice that all the inventions published on this site are patented. Any plagiarism, articles or things depicted in the photos or drawings, will be prosecuted according to the law both in Italy and in all foreign countries. The text is instead protected by copyright which prohibits the total or partial reproduction.


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