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Football that are played at the table
That the football is one of the most in vogue hobby, everybody knows it. Such passion, that often changes into real faith, succeeds in keeping million and million of people glued to the television, people that, if they were able, would make flow in mass into the stadiums in order to assist to live matchs. Thanks to Mr. Sebastiani Rino this dream could come true in the future. As a matter of fact, very soon, we will find for sale a really beautiful, modern but most of all realistic, version of the extraordinary team sport above cited. “WorldCup”, this is its name, will surely become a way to have a good time with family people and friends, that will allow to study tactics and to feel emotions that only the football can create. Thanks to “WorldCup”, we will know and get the hang of appreciating this group game, which can arouse so much people minds. Particularly it deals with running off a real match on a sport pitch faithfully reproduced on the cardboard. If you don’t believe it, you just need to think that the players are free of moving in every area of the field, being positioned on various circles. During the movements, offsides, faults, penalties can occur as it happens every sunday on the lawns of the entire world. The rules are easy and at the same time complete, rich of details, and even foresee the presence of the arbiter, very important figure in each self-respecting match. For people who want to completely dip into the fiction, they will be able to call in the public, naturally to cheer and even, the sponsors can be inserted on the edges of the scoreboard! The inventor is looking for a firm or an investor that has some contacts with the large scale distribution and that wants to dedicate to the production of this game aimed at a very arge audience of fans. It is possible to start a serious collaboration to create an interesting and exclusive business, ESPECIALLY IF YOU THINK ABOUT THE APPROACHING WORLD CUP! The invention results of easy realization considering that constructive systems already in use can easily be used and thanks to its easy-design, it can be saved on the final price of sale especially if they are produced in countries as China or Romania. If therefore you are interested to this genial game with its particular accessories and if you desire to receive some more detailed information, call us at the telephone number at the end of the page or write us using the appropriate ELECTRONIC FORM. Finally we remember the navigators, that all the published inventions of this site are patented. Any partial or total plagiarism of the things or objects that are reproduced in photos or drawings, will come, according to the law, pursued both in Italy and in all the foreign states. All the texts are instead protected by copyright.
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